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UAOS Mission

United Administrators of Oakland Schools (UAOS) serves Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) classified and certificated administrators in multiple job classifications by providing strategic representation, guidance, and collective bargaining to ensure professional, fair and equitable treatment of our members. UAOS advocates for and defends the rights and collective interests of its members so that they can be successful at providing a quality education to students attending OUSD schools.

Who does UAOS Represent?

Analysts, Assistant Principals, Business Managers, CDC Site Administrators, Coaches, Commissioner, Community School Managers, Coordinators, Directors, Financial Accountants, Principals, Program Managers, Specialists and Supervisors

The UAOS Board of Directors' functions:

  • Budget development
  • Annual membership dues collection, adjustment and administration

  • Expenditure and disbursements of UAOS funds

  • Conduct collective bargaining negotiations, administration of CBA, UAOS and OUSD and general union representation of the membership in employment related matters

  •  Establishment of various committees and receipt of reports from the same UAOS Board meetings.

  • Submission of reports and recommendations to the members, groups and agencies including but not limited to the American Association of School Administrators (AFL-CIO)

  • Monitoring and administration of the UAOS Legal Services Policy

  •  Appointment of persons to represent UAOS in connection with various labor organizations

  • Such other matters as the Board shall deem appropriate

UAOS Contract and Budget 

2019-2022 UAOS Contract

2023-2024 Budget 

UAOS Sunshine Document 

Sunshine Document

UAOS Bylaws to be voted on September 2023

Bylaws 2023-2024